CITY OF PUEBLO Transit Shop Foreman in Pueblo, Colorado

Transit Shop ForemanThis non-exempt position supervises the utility workers and thebus/automotive mechanical work in maintenance and repair of ordinary,heavy, and specialized automotive vehicles and equipment.DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:Maintains a customer / employee friendly environment;Coordinates repair and maintenance services to obtain maximum utilization ofequipment and prevent operational delays;Prioritizes the repair and maintenance of vehicles and equipment and createsemployee schedules;Prepares estimates and arranges approval for repairs;Plans, assigns, supervises, inspects, evaluates and participates inthe work of subordinate fleet employees;Maintains and updates utilization, repair and overall cost files and recordsin accordance with established procedures;Accountable for procurement of equipment, materials, supplies and partsrequired to maintain the equipment and garages;Monitors work activities to ensures compliance with OSHA, safetystandards, Transit regulations, environmental regulations, and otherestablished policies and procedures;Makes recommendations for changes and improvements to existing standards andprocedures;Assists in the formulation of the annual budget;Responds to emergency situations while on call.IMPORTANT FUNCTIONS:Participate in the selection of staff;Perform the duties of similar classifications of an equal or lower paygrade; Stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of automotiveand heavy equipment.Physical Requirements:Lifting, carrying, pushing, or pulling equipment, supplies, andbaggage weighing up to 80 pounds; Respond quickly to sounds;Move safely over uneven terrain or in confined spaces;See and respond to dangerous situations;Operating buffers, steamers, hoses, vacuums, and other equipment;Safely climb ladders while carrying 40 pounds;Continuous movement, including constant hand motion;Use of manual dexterity;Good speech communication, hearing, and listening for effectivecommunication with others;Ability to deal with moderate levels of stress including transit operationsituations, irate passengers, other employees.SkillsThorough knowledge of the operating and mechanical features of ordinary,heavy and specialized automotive vehicles and equipment;Thorough knowledge of the advanced methods, diagnostic equipment,techniques, tools, general equipment, materials, and shop practicesinvolved in motor vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair;Knowledge of the principles of supervision, training, and performancemanagement;Knowledge of the principles and best practices of filing and record keeping,and skill and ability to maintain operating records and reports;Demonstrated mechanical ability in gasoline and diesel engines is required;Ability to plan, organize, assign, supervise and evaluate the work ofmechanics and related workers;Knowledge of modern administrative and supervisory techniques used in theoperation of a parts/tool room in a fleet maintenance program;Knowledge and ability of OSHA, safety and environmental regulations;Ability to work successfully with and provide good customer service tosupervisors, other City employees, the public and other agencies andorganizations;Knowledge of and ability in using Microsoft Office applications includingWord, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet Explorer;Knowledge of and ability in data entry and information retrieval fromcomputerized information systems;Knowledge, skill and ability to successfully perform the essential duties ofthe Mechanic A classification;OtherAbility to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing;Ability to perform data entry, and to maintain related records, includingcomputerized inventory and stock control accountability systems;Ability to adapt readily to transit operations and make decisions on busoperations as necessary;Ability to maintain a good working relationship with all coworkers and thegeneral public and to use good judgment in recognizing scope of authority;Ability to learn, to interpret, and to