DD's Discounts Specialist Store Protection (Loss Prevention) in Pueblo, Colorado

GENERAL PURPOSE:This position provides a visible presence at the Store entrances/exits,mitigating theft and fraud and maintaining a safe and secure environment forAssociates and Customers. The Specialist makes eye contact, smiles, andgreets all Customers in a prominent, courteous and friendly manner deterringopportunity for theft by demonstrating "command" presence in a Companyissued vest/required black attire, and monitoring the Code 50 packageinspection policy. Walks sales floor to identify and address potential theftindicators, as directed by Store Leadership. Partners with Store Leadershipto ensure compliance with Loss Prevention directives and minimization ofoperational shortage. Must embrace Company values and have a mentality toprotect the Ross treasure.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Maintaining Safe and Secure Environments Understands that safety is the number one priority and practicessafe behaviors in everything they do and assists Store Leadership inmaintaining a safe and secure environment for both Associates and Customers. Provides visible "command" presence, including prominentgreetings with eye contact, at Store entrances/exits and on sales floor in Removes clutter and ensures safe, clear egress to emergency exits. Developing Great Teams & Partnerships Provides great Customer service by prominently greetingCustomers, making eye contact, smiling and answering questions in afriendly and courteous manner. Treats all Customers and Associates with respect. Demonstrates courtesy, friendliness, and professionalism atall times. Recognizes Associates using Company recognition programs. Regular involvement with internal and external partners. Mayinclude conference calls, scheduled district meetings, educatingAssociates, providing recognition, etc. Other duties as assigned to support Loss Prevention initiatives. Personal and Store Brand Represents and supports the Company brand at all times. Maintains a professional appearance, in accordance with Companydress code. Mitigating Theft & Fraud Monitors entrances/exits as well as sales floor for potentialtheft by identifying suspicious behavior. Gathers theft indicators and uses internal or externalintelligence to impact shortage trends. Effectively communicates to StoreLeadership and Loss Prevention Leadership. Adheres to Company policy for external theft response. Executes all Company Best Practices and maximizes productivity byminimizing steps and touches while working. Minimizing Operational Shortage Increases Store awareness on effective processes to minimize operationalshortage. Trains and educates Associates on shortage reduction initiatives. Observes and validates proper checkout procedures for Customers & Associates.COMPETENCIES: Communication Composure Customer Focus Integrity & Trust Drive for Results ListeningQUALIFICATIONS AND SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED: High School education or equivalent required, AA degree preferred. One year retail supervisor experience or similar training preferred. One year loss prevention/security training preferred. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. Strong communication skills. Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with the Store team. Excellent Customer service skills. Proven ability to effectively resolve conflict. Must be able to comply with all applicable federal and state laws andregulations for security positions, including but not limited to,additional background screening, physical examination, fingerprintingand/or drug and alcohol testing.PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS/ADA: Ability to spend up to 100% of working time standing, walking, andmoving around the Store. Must be able to raise or lower objects more than 25 lbs., from one levelto another (includes upward pulling) Must be able to regularly bend, stoop, or crouch (frequency andduration will vary per daily business need). Certain assignments may require other qualifications and skills.SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: NoneApply online