Job Responsibilities:

  • Gold Standard Prototype Ownership

o Responsible for developing gold standard products to meet internal innovation pillars

o Development of commercial culinary gold standard prototypes

  • Proactive Assessment/Utilization of Trends and Data

o Work with the insights and marketing teams to harvest, filter and utilize consumer data

o Work closely with customers and internal development teams to provide on trend concepts and menu guidance

o Collaboration with internal and external customers and vendors to accelerate innovation

  • Facilitate ideation alongside innovation marketing

  • Food Safety Culture & Kitchen Ownership

  • Always maintain a high level of safety and sanitation standards

  • Shared responsibility for kitchen and other culinary equipment upkeep

  • Foodie Culture

  • Set culinary tone for the company and be able to create a customer culinary experience

  • Manage culinary training program

  • Dine-arounds, trend immersions, customer culinary exploration

  • Culinary support for executive events


  • 5+ years experience as a Corporate/R&D Chef

  • Must possess strong culinary skills and working knowledge of new product development/product commercialization process

  • Knowledge of HACCP and food safety

  • Ability to be diligent and dependable with an “upbeat attitude” in a fast paced environment

  • Should be able to work well both independently and as part of a broad cross-functional team

  • Should be able to communicate effectively

  • Needs to have excellent management and organizational skills


  • Culinary Degree from accredited culinary arts institution required

  • B.S. Food/Meat Science a plus, but not required

  • C.R.C. certification preferred

  • ServSafe Certification preferred

Other Requirements:

  • Travel up to 50%

  • Lifting heavy boxes/other equipment (up to 50lb)