City Of Durango Building & Grounds Maintenance (Airport) in Durango, Colorado

Building & Grounds Maintenance (Airport)DutiesPerforms a variety of general building, facility, and ground maintenanceduties to efficiently operate the Airport's facilities and maintain them inproper repair, clean, and safe for public use.Responsibilities1. Performs preventive maintenance on air conditioning and heating units;checks and testsheating and air conditioning equipment.2. Performs preventive maintenance on standby generator, main electricgate, boiler, aircompressor, water heater, freezer, refrigerator and ice maker.3. Performs plumbing work; repairs leaking faucets and pipes; unstops andrepairs toilets; unstopsdrains; install plumbing ducts, pipes and fixtures; inspect grounds anfields, repair plumbing andirrigation problems as needed; inspects all pumps, valves and lights.4. Replaces and repairs defective sprinkler heads, gaskets, valves,pumps, etc.5. Troubleshoots and repairs electrical problems in fans, motors,compressors, pumps, airhandling units, appliances etc.; installs special power sources,lighting systems, and multivoltageswitches; replaces electrical motors, elements, fuses, bulbs, andthermostats; operatesvolt/ohm meters, conduit cutters and benders, wire strippers,soldering gun, power hacksaw,and specialized connectors and fasteners.6. Replaces light bulbs and tubes; installs ballasts in lights; repairsfixtures.7. Moves office equipment including desk, files, books, etc.8. Performs carpentry work in repairing Airport building and furniture;interprets user requirements;uses provided plans or designs and draws plans; determines materials list;measures, cuts andassembles materials; finishes project with appropriate paint, stain,varnish or wood sealer;operates power saw, and saw, electric drills, screw guns, nail gunsand other hand tools.9. Runs errands as required; delivers equipment to offices; picks up toolsand materials.10. Removes, replaces and repairs pneumatic, electronic, and mechanicallocks; disassemble,installs, and repairs locks.11. Paints rooms, hallways, and ceilings; patches holes; primes areafor painting.12. Welds and performs metal fabrication.13. Repairs washer and dryer.14. Drive trucks and operate equipment in load of trucks.15. Operates and maintains light and heavy equipment in the duties required;roadwaymaintenance; snow removal equipment airside and landside; light and heavymowingequipment; forklifts, graders, backhoe, heavy plow trucks, highspeed brooms and rotary snowblowers.16. Assists in the selection of materials and equipment utilized in theperformance of duties.17. Orders supplies and maintains inventory.18. Patches leaks in roof.19. Performs custodial duties as needed; cleans restrooms, cleansoffices, vacuums floors,Ability to develop skill in locating and correcting defects in buildinginstallations, fixtures, andequipment.Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operation andmaintenance instructions,procedure manuals, and so forth.Ability to deal with problems involving several concrete variables instandardized situations. (REFER TO BUSINESS WEBSITE FOR A COMPLETE JOB DESCRIPTION).Wage - $15.78/hrDay and Hours - Part-time with benefits.Location - Durango, CO.Application Instructions - Apply online. (Closes 08/24/18) Requiressuccessful completion of a pre-employment backgroundcheck. Drug free/EOE.