KeyCorp Mortgage Loan Officer Greenwood Village in Denver, Colorado

JOB BRIEF (PURPOSE):The Key Bank Mortgage (KBM) Loan Officer (LO) is responsible forcovering assigned retail bank branches on the origination of residentialmortgage loans. LOs are expected to balance their work schedule between timespent in each of their assigned branches and Center of Influence (COI)calling activities that may require work outside of regular banking hours,which may necessitate a flexible work schedule. Furthermore, the expectationis that Loan Officers are in one of their assigned branches for at least aportion of every working day and COI outside calling is expected to bepurposeful and pre-planned and should involve the retail staff as appropriate.The KBM LO is expected to collaborate with the fulfillment department to meetthe needs of our clients from the point of registration to closing. The KBM LOis expected to meet or exceed established sales, cross-sell, home equityand referral goals congruently with maintaining high standards of clientsatisfaction and quality. This position is expected to manage client referralsand cross sell opportunities ensuring all new customers are introduced tolocal branch personnel, as applicable. The KBM LO should maintainsales/originator systems and efficient work flows.ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:The role of the KBM LO is to originate and process family residential realestate mortgage loans in accordance with KBM s process and product guidelines.The KBM LO is responsible for gathering documents at the time of registering aloan and is expected to remain, along with the loan processor, the pointof contact with the customer during the duration of the loan. This person isto maintain high standards of client satisfaction and quality, and ensuresales/originator systems and work flows are efficiently controlled. The KBMLO is also responsible for managing client referrals and the cross sellprocess ensuring all new customers are introduced to local branch personnel,as applicable. The KBM LO is responsible for knowing all Federal Regulationsand bank policies/procedures. As needed and in partnership with assignedbranch partners, the KBM LO is expected to help with joint calls withpotential clients to develop new business both in person and over the phone.The KBM LO is to keep informed of trends and developments in the real estatemarket and mortgage industry. In addition, the KBM LO is to develop andmaintain in-depth knowledge of products and services as well as knowledge ofcompetitors and competitive products.Branch Activities:- Meet with clients for mortgage opportunities as scheduled- Interact with all branch personnel- Interact with customer traffic. Make introductions and pass out businesscards- Review Book of Business client profiles with retail partners to uncovermortgage opportunities- Discuss any cross sell opportunities discovered by LO- Review mortgage pipeline with Branch Manager and/or delegate, asdirected by Branch Manager- For LOs who also call on Private Banking, a pipeline review should be heldwith PB RMs- Expedite loans in process by regularly reviewing pipeline, following up ondocumentation with borrowers, interacting with title companies,realtors, attorneys, etc.- Make outbound calls and engage in electronic communications to centers ofinfluence (COI) for business developmentMonthly Activities1. Huddle Meetings: Attend at least one Branch Huddle meeting per assignedbranch and present a mortgage topic that will benefit branch personnel.2. Production Reviews: Meet with Branch Manager to review mortgageproduction to goal results. Discuss and gain commitment on activities forsuccess based on the annual mortgage production goal; what it will take toachieve; number of referrals needed for each application, number ofapplications needed for each closing. For LOs that also call on PrivateBanking, monthly production reviews should also be held with PB RMs.3. One on One: Meet with mortgage Sales Manager to review production resultsto goal, branch activities and Sales LO Action Plan.