Diagnostic Laboratories & Radiology MA,CNA/Respiratory Therapist Assistant in Denver, Colorado

Company: Schryver MedicalMobile Respiratory Therapy Assistant Essential Duties and Responsibilities1. Provides oxygen equipment maintenance for patients at our clientfacilities.2. Tracks the assignment of all oxygen equipment on a weekly basis.3. Maintains all equipment according to a monthly maintenance schedule.4. Tracks and reports the number of oxygen patients receiving service monthly.5. Follows a strict and detailed weekly protocol regarding the cleaning,maintenance and supplying of all oxygen equipment and related supplies foreach patient room for each client facility assigned.6. Identifies and tracks down missing equipment and returns it to the correctlocation.7. Maintains Facility Workbooks which identifies patients and their status,recording accurate dates and other information needed to generate patientcharges.8. Complete monthly billing paperwork in an accurate and timely manner.9. Obtains Medicaid Certificates.Mobile Respiratory Therapy Assistant Expectations:The Mobile Respiratory Therapist frequently works with elderly or compromisedpatients. The individual who is successful in this role will demonstrate theconsistent ability to provide respectful, compassionate care understandingthat these patients may respond emotionally to the need for care or maypresent the need for more advanced care techniques due to their physicalcondition.The work environment includes driving a vehicle various distances in all typesof weather and traffic conditions. A successful Mobile Respiratory TherapyAssistant must be able to function consistently under stress and be highlysafety conscious.Mobile Respiratory Therapy Assistant Qualifications:1. Required to drive your own vehicle.2. Must be able to lift up to twenty (20) pounds.3. Must be detail oriented and have good customer service skills.4. Must have beginner level skills with Microsoft Office software productsincluding Word and Excel."Equal Opportunity Employer/Protected Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities"TridentUSA Health Services (including Mobilex, ADS, US Laboratories,DiagnosticLabs) is an equal opportunity employer committed to dealing with employeesin a non-discriminatory manner based on job-related qualifications andabilities.TridentUSA Health will not discriminate against any applicant or employeebecause ofrace, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin,veteran status,age, disability or any other protected status. This policy applies, butis not limited to, decisions involving recruitment, employment,promotion, demotion, transfer,training, discipline, discharge, layoff, compensation, benefits andall other conditions of employment.