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Colorado Veterans Jobs

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Colarelli Construction Commercial Construction Project Engineer in Colorado Spring, Colorado

Supports multiple Project Managers and Superintendants on projects of various sizes. The role revolves around all documentation required to support and ensure successful projects. This includes but is not limited to: RFI?s, Submittals, Construction documents and addendums, schedule maintenance, meeting minutes, and tracking, management and issuance of all construction documents and reports.

Essential Job Functions & Tasks:

  • Bidding

  • Work with the Project Managers to ensure appropriate subcontractor coverage is obtained on every bid.

  • Work the Project Manager to identify the sub trades required for a bid, and selection of the subcontractors that will be invited to bid.

  • Managing and tracking the proposal process with the subcontractors.

  • Creation of a cohesive and organized bid book.

  • Select qualification of all subcontractor bids with the Project Manager.

  • Process Submittals

  • Request material submittal from sub-contractor- Perform a preliminary review to ensure compliance with the construction drawings and specifications.

  • Obtain approvals from architect.

  • Distribute to appropriate parties.

  • Create and maintain a submittal binder on site.

  • Track, Distribute, and Log RFIs

  • Manage, distribute and track RFI?s.

  • Track separately if an RFI has a cost impact.

  • Create and maintain a submittal binder on site.

  • Construction Document Processing

  • Manage plans- Ordering, organizing, superseding and distributing drawings and specifications.

  • Maintain (slip sheet) and update the drawings on the site so that they always contain the most up to date drawings.

  • Post all RFI?s to the drawings.

  • Schedule Update and Verification

  • Perform a weekly walk on site, as coordinated with the Project Manager, and verify the overall status of the project.

  • Support Superintendant and Project Manager in updating the 3 week look ahead and Master Schedule.

  • 3 Week Look Ahead

  • Issuance of the 3 week look ahead schedule generated by the Superintendant to all subcontractors on the project.

  • Superintendant Daily Reports

  • Support the Superintendant in the generation of the daily reports.

  • Meeting Minutes / Reports

  • Maintain and issue the weekly meeting minutes, RFI and Submittal logs throughout the life cycle of the project.

  • Permits

  • Manage, track and maintain all permits necessary to perform the work.

  • This should include all bonds.

Technical Skill: Procore, Microsoft Office Suite to include MS Project