PAE Heavy Equipment Operator; McMurdo in Centennial, Colorado

Is responsible for the safe and technically proficient operation of heavyequipment such as bulldozers, tractors, loaders, excavators, , snowblowers, and towed implements including land planes, drags, dump trailers, and Operates heavy equipment as required, including the following activities:Snow removal, grading, , road/runway maintenance and construction ,construction support, materials handling, equipment recovery, and heavyhauling Lubricates, checks fluids, and performs safety inspection and minormaintenance as required prior to operation of any equipment. Arranges equipment maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations oras directed by the Vehicle Maintenance Facility and Supervisor, FleetOperations. Tracks equipment hours and notifies fleet operations supervisor or shopforeman of impending maintenance requirements. Performs duties in support of Operations Division metrics (as provided bysupervisor). Supports the achievement of ASC metrics, whether metrics are directly orindirectly affected by this position's work activities. Complies with all ASC Environmental Health & Safety and Quality Assurancerequirements and goals. Provides documentation to these divisions as necessary to ensure adequatelegal documentation. Works to achieve ASC goals and contractual commitments. Performs physical activities including heavy lifting, climbing in and outof heavy equipment, crawling, and working outdoors. Snow shoveling required due to location of position. Implements and maintains a safe workplace program and ensures that safetyis the highest priority in the workplace. Performs other duties as required.