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Job Information

SomaLogic, Inc. Associate Director, Global Strategic Alliances in Boulder, Colorado

Position Summary:

SomaLogic is a privately-owned bioinformation company that developed a revolutionary proteomics technology capable of measuring thousands of different human proteins in a single small blood or other type sample. We are a dedicated team of colleagues now moving towards commercializing the health-related information derived from our platform to help people worldwide proactively manage their health. As a part of our commercialization effort, we are seeking additional expertise to join our dedicated team and help us realize that vision.

Japan is a strategically important market for SomaLogic’s innovative clinical diagnostic tests. We need a leader with experience and relationships in this unique market to position SomaLogic to capture the leading position in the emerging proteomics market. This position will be primarily responsible for Japanese specific clinical diagnostic sales (strategy, planning, and monitoring) of the execution of a strategic alliance with a Japanese based multinational corporation for the joint development and commercialization of clinical proteomics (SomaSignal ™ testing).

Key Job Responsibilities:

• Lead day-to-day communications and ensure understanding between native Japanese and English speakers

• Manage the commercial success of a high growth trans-pacific biotechnology, medical product, clinical sales, and customer-centric commercial partnership

• Work with executive leadership at SomaLogic and our partner to set annual goals for the alliance through joint governance. Negotiate the annual scope of SomaLogic’s commitment to product development and commercial support commitments and ensure alignment with SomaLogic’s internal priorities and budget allocation. Set agendas for quarterly Joint Steering Committee meetings and follow up on decisions.

• Set agendas with partner for weekly working group meetings to ensure progress towards annual goals

• Support complex business processes, culturally appropriate understanding, organizational alignment, governance, advice, and routinization of SomaSignal™ product offerings in an emerging market of clinical proteomics to support timely product introduction and revenue growth in Japan

• Support joint-business activities and customer support activities for healthcare delivery partnerships, self-pay medical practices, and engagement with government decision makers for test reimbursement

• Translate customer feedback, voice-of-customer, joint governance activities (via the JSC), and correspondence handling to support product and customer efficiencies to accelerate commercial growth

• Coordinate with SomaLogic's US-based technical, scientific, clinical, sales & marketing, and customer support activities to ensure that SomaLogic fulfills the agreed scope of product development and customer support commitments.

• Help support and review the translation of product training materials, support tools, and customer support collateral.

• Explain SomaLogic’s proteomics technology and unique clinical diagnostic tests to Japanese executives, physicians and scientists. Accompany our partner on sales visits to key accounts.

• Define, monitor and analyze quarterly indicators of business performance and other relevant market factors to continuously improve customer success

• Assist with the business plans and requirements for new products or product enhancements to assure proper positioning, support of customer needs, and responsive commercial strategies

• Collaborate on channel specific friction point resolution activities to enhance customer success

• Provide input on the design and implementation of collateral, tools, and customer communications to ensure consistency of a high-quality customer experience

• Manage customer communication, documentation, FAQ, and support tools (specific to joint venture) to continuously improve the effectiveness of maintaining a high-quality customer experience

• Work with commercial operations, assay services, PMO function, medical affairs, business development, business contracting, sales, marketing, vendors, contractors, and other key internal stakeholders to strengthen relationships


Education: Bachelor's Degree in life sciences/high technology, or equivalent experience

Skills and experience:

• Fluency in English and Japanese scientific, technical and business languages

• At least 8 years clinical/medical technology commercialization, preferably within Japan

• At least 5 years of experience in advanced medical products, preferably in molecular diagnostics

• Excellent oral and written, and diplomatic interpersonal skills

• Adept in complex medical products, internal/external engagement, and detail orientation

• Demonstrated ability to support highly complex products across cultural understanding

• Strong communication and managerial abilities

• Ability to work remotely and effectively within a multi-functional joint venture

• Extensive knowledge of commercially oriented customer-focus

• Ability to effectively support a high quality and responsive organizational brand identity

Work Environment:

Will be expected to travel internationally up to 50% of time.